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AGFA Radiomat 14x17in Green X-Ray Film Case (XRF-N-AF0019)

AGFA Radiomat 14x17in Green X-Ray Film Case

Our Price: $412.50

Item available for order!

14 x 17" (500 Sheets/Case) high quality AGFA Radiomat film. Each case has 5 boxes.
That's only $82.50 per box! High contrast film featuring the most advanced "lamina crystal" and "anti-crossover" technology. Lamina crystals are specially shaped to allow a larger amount of light to expose the film, resulting in maximum detail visibility and smooth, low noise images. It can be exposed in green or blue/green emitting rare-earth screens for a 400-speed system. Full Speed and Half Speed Blue available at the same price.

This is not generic film. It's top quality from one of the best film manufacturers in the world. Don't get fooled by other medical stores. We offer only the best high quality film with UPS 3-Day Select shipping included in our price. Other stores will advertise their film a few dollars lower than ours and then charge you a lot more on shipping.

Available Sizes:
  14 x 17 in (35 x 43 cm)
  11 x 14 in
  10 x 12 in
    8 x 10 in
  9.5x9.5 in (24 x 24 cm)
    7 x 17 in
  30 x 35 cm
  24 x 30 cm
  18 x 34 cm

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