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Tingle TXR-10 X-Ray with Dark Room Setup (XRS-N-TX0001)

Tingle TXR-10 X-Ray with Dark Room Setup

List Price: $28,000.00
Our Price: $22,500.00
You Save: $5,500.00 (20%)

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The Tingle TXR-10 is an ideal x-ray system for general practice or pediatrics. It has a flat bucky table with a 14" x 17" gridcabinet. Medical Hi-Tech is now offering the TXR-10 system complete with an AFP Mini Med 90 film processor and all the additional items for a dark room setup. Also included is a Wall Cassette Holder for Chest, Neck, and Shoulder exams.

   X-Ray System
       Standard Frequency 300 mA, 130 kVp X-Ray Control with kVp,
         mA, & mAs digital readouts. Provided with SCR's, tube limit
         protection and self-diagnostic program.
       Toshiba 1.0-2.0 mm focus tube E7239FX 90° or
         Toshiba 1.0-2.0 mm focus tube E7239GX 180°
       Heavy Duty Medical Tubestand with magnetic locks, 8' floor rail
         and Analog Positioning Control
       Proflex 15' High Tension cables (pair)
       Certified Manual Collimator
       Stationary Flat Bucky Table (72" Long)
       14" x 17" Gridcabinet with Heavy Duty Tray
       Roller Kit and 8:1 103 line grid
   AFP MiniMed 90 Film Processor
       90 Seconds Processing time
       90 films/hr (14x17)
       Automatic standby Stand, 7gal tanks included
   Additional Items
       Wall Cassette Holder with Grid
       6 Various Sizes X-Ray Cassettes
       Loading Bin
       Safety (RED) Light
       Metal ID Printer
       Single Film View Box
       L/R Marker

         AFP MiniMed 90 Film Processor

The system includes installation for Florida's Dade and Broward County with 1 Year Warranty. For sales in other counties accross the United States please call our office at 305-470-0020.

Optional Items:
   Bucky Stand ($1250.00)
   Hi-Frequency Set-Up ($6,000.00)
   LEAD Wall 12 x 12' Material with Safety Glass ($2,500.00)
   Protective Apron ($180.00)
   Protective Gloves ($165.00)
   Step stool with hand rail ($125.00)

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